Clubhouse Community for YouTube Video Creatorss

The Rising YouTuber Club is a Club and community inside the audio-only app, Clubhouse, dedicated to shortening the learning curve and bridging the information gap for anyone thinking of starting a YouTube channel and those who have already starting and climbing their way to the top.

The club hosts rooms almost every day of the week, with a rotating panel of moderators and hosts who provide a nurturing and welcoming place to have your questions answered with no judgment or condescension.

One of our most popular rooms are peer-to-peer channel audits, the longest running weekly such audit on the app; and our weekly Friday Happy Hour.

If you would like a video strategy session, fill out our intake form here.


Connect with us by joining a room, hosting your very own RYT Club Room, becoming a featured guest or sponsoring a room or the club.


Learn with us by joining a club room or accessing club notes.


Grow with us by checking out resources and tools page.